The Virago Project is a student empowerment and community-based organization, created for students by students. Founded by Hameenat Adekoya and Oluwadunni Ojumu in 2018, The Virago Project was created in response to the lack of optimism and limited opportunities for underclassmen at their high school to serve their community.

While one of The Virago Project’s key purposes is to help other students maximize their leadership potential, we also prioritize fundraising for community service projects, hosting positivity campaigns as a means of impacting apathetic spaces, and volunteering with local organizations.


A “virago” is a woman displaying exemplary qualities, but the term has been twisted to demean assertive women. From its name to its activities, TVP is about redefining leadership for all students (of all genders).


The Virago Project’s mission is to train today’s students to become the next generation of charitable leaders by creating positive change in spaces where youth activism, leadership, and service are deficient. We strive to give young voices a chance to escape the indifference created by a misconception that they are “too young” to impact communities in-need and fill them with the desire to serve.


We envision a generation of student leaders that are capable of meeting the needs of any community they enter through fundraising, service, and extracurricular engagement.